Secure Online Banking

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Self Defense Banking

Take control of your account and fight back against fraud.  You know your bank account better than anyone and Bank of Advance offers several free tools to help you protect your account.


Risk Assessment, Detection And Response

Bank of Advance and SHAZAM, our electronic funds transfer network, have been protecting your debit card from unauthorized use for years.  There is no enrollment on your part.  This is just one of many benefits that come with your account.  If suspicious activity is detected on your debit card, you will be contacted by Bank of Advance, or a SHAZAM fraud specialist calling on our behalf, to verify the transactions in question.  To ensure that we can reach you promptly if fraudulent activity is suspected, we need to have current contact information on file including:

  • Primary phone number
  • Secondary phone number
  • City, State and Zip Code

Contact your local branch or use the secure Contact Us form to update your information.  We will keep your contact information strictly confidential.  Remember that we will NOT ask for your debit card number or PIN.


SHAZAM® BOLT$TM acts like a high-tech, early-warning system that immediately alerts you to potentially fraudulent activity by sending you email alerts regarding your debit card purchases. With the help of SHAZAM® BOLT$TM, no one is better equipped to catch debit card fraud than you. After all, you know what you've purchased and can spot unauthorized transactions instantly.

Customize your alert settings to notify you when purchases exceed a preset amount, transactions occur in a foreign country or your debit card number is used but your card is not present, such as telephone or internet purchases. You can also check your account balance information anytime, anywhere.

Our Transaction Control feature gives you more control over your debit card. If your card is stolen or missing, you can pause your card without affecting previous transactions. With just the tap of a button, Transaction Control allows you to block or unblock your own card to protect yourself from possible fraud.

Download SHAZAM® BOLT$TM for FREE from the Apple App Store, Google Play or access online at After registering your debit card, be sure to set up your alerts by clicking on Card Actions and Modify Alert Settings. To be notified every time your debit card is used, put a check mark next to Transactions Over and set the transaction amount to $1.

If you receive a notification for a debit card transaction that you did not authorize, call us immedatiately at (573) 722-3517 or call SHAZAM® Card Services at (800) 383-8000 after hours.

MasterCard® SecureCodeTM

MasterCard® SecureCodeTM is an online security service to guard against unauthorized use of your Bank of Advance debit card when you shop online with many participating merchants.  There is no need to get a new card, no software to download, no cost and no hassles... just added security.  Once enrolled in this service, you will have added confidence knowing that MasterCard® SecureCodeTM performs an extra authentication step to protect your account from unauthorized users online.

  • Click here to register your Bank of Advance debit card for a MasterCard® SecureCodeTM.
  • Shop online and pay with your enrolled debit card.
  • When you submit your order with a participating merchant, the MasterCard® SecureCodeTM box will automatically open on the merchant order form asking for your SecureCodeTM.
  • Enter your unique SecureCodeTM and within seconds, your identity is confirmed and your purchase is complete.  This communication is between you and your card issuer. Your information is never shared with the merchant.

Online Banking Alerts

Online Banking Alerts are a great way for you to catch fraud on your acount quickly.  We can send you an alert via email or text message every time your balance reaches an amount you specify.  Upon receiving an alert, simply log in to your Online or Mobile Banking to review and monitor your account.  Set up your alert features under the Options Tab of your Online Banking.

24 Hour Telephone Banking

Toll Free:  877-711-2265

The Bank of Advance 24 Hour Information Center is a free service that gives you account information over the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Whether you want to find out if a certain check has cleared, a direct deposit has been made, or the payoff on a loan, our 24 Hour Information Center can help.  With one simple phone call you can find out:

  • How to make a loan payment, or transfer money from one account to another
  • Your memo posted balance (current balance adjusted by items presented since the close of the previous business day)
  • Information on recent deposits and withdrawals
  • The interest earned or paid on your account
  • Information on your loan accounts
  • And more

Click here to learn more about the Bank of Advance 24 Hour Information Center.

Free Annual Credit Report

You are entitled to one free credit report each year.  Use your credit report to check for activity that seems suspicious, such as an account you didn't open or a debt that is not yours.  If you see any accounts not belonging to you, contact the issuer of the account immediately.  Also, place a fraud alert on your credit reports to prevent any other accounts from being opened.