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Value Pack

Enhance your Simply Checking or Premium Checking account with our Value Pack.

For a low monthly fee of $5, the Value Pack offers you the following benefits:

  • Free standard or duplicate checks
  • Up to 2 free MyPic personalized debit cards every 3 years
  • No fee on Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders
  • No fee on incoming wire transfers
  • No Bank of Advance fee for ATM usage outside the SHAZAM® Privilege Status ATM Network

Sample of a Value Pack savings

Order checks twice a year (300 checks) $23
Order 2 MyPic Debit Cards $30
One Cashier’s Check & 2 Money Orders per month $108
3 incoming wires per year $30
$1 charge for ATM outside SHAZAM® Privilege Status Network (2 per month) $24
Annual price of the Value Pack $60
Total Annual Savings $155

Note:  Enrollment in the Value Pack program requires a minimum of one year participation

Get Your Value Pack Today!

Contact us if you would like to add a Value Pack to your Simply Checking or Premium Checking account.