Secure Online Banking


The Bank of Advance provides Online Banking and BillPay for the convenience of its customers.  The Online Banking website may be used for authorized purposes only.  Unauthorized access is not permitted and constitutes a crime.  Activity is monitored for security purposes.  Online Banking is protected with state of the art equipment and software to ensure that only you may access your account information.

To access Online Banking and BillPay you must utilize a user identification name (user ID) and personal identification number (PIN).  For security purposes, you are to keep your user ID and PIN strictly confidential by not sharing them with anyone else.  They should not be kept in written form in areas accessible by others or stored in your computerís memory.  Failure to maintain your user ID and PIN in this manner violates the terms of Online Banking and BillPay and may result in personal liability for transactions initiated as a result of their misuse.

To keep your online account active, you must log in once every 180 days.  If you do not log in, your account will go dormant.  It will remain dormant for 30 days, and will then close.  Closure of your online account will include cancellation of BillPay service, deletion of scheduled BillPay payments and scheduled transfers.

The bank will never contact you asking for your user ID and PIN.  Do not give this information to anyone. We will never email you asking for your account number or other personal or sensitive information.  Do not respond to unsolicited email without verifying its source.