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During business hours: Please call us immediately at (573) 722-3517
After business hours: Please call SHAZAM® Card Services at (800) 383-8000


MasterCard® Debit Card

MasterCard® Debit Cards give you a fast and convenient way to buy the products and services you need. It allows you to quickly and easily withdraw funds from your checking account without having to write a check. To apply online, click the Request a Debit Card button, fill out the form and submit. You can expect your debit card to arrive within 7-10 days. Your PIN will be sent to you in a separate mailing. Both mailings will be in plain, unmarked envelopes.

Bank of Advance now offers personalized debit cards! To personalize and create your own debit card you must have an existing Bank of Advance MasterCard® Debit Card. If you do not already have a Bank of Advance debit card number, please contact your local branch. Click here for more information on MyPic Debit Cards.

Card Limits

Purchase Limits $750.00/Day
Cash Withdrawal Limits $300.00/Day
Total Combined Daily Limit $750.00/Day
You may have your limits temporarily raised for special purchases or shopping. Simply call your local branch to request the change.

Overdraft Protection for Debit Cards

Due to regulatory changes made by the Federal Reserve to Regulation E, the Bank of Advance will not cover overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions unless you request the protection. Once you have opted in, the Bank of Advance will cover overdrawn ATM and debit card transactions with the standard overdraft fee of $24.00. You can opt out at any time and are never charged unless you use the protection. Click here to Opt In.

MasterCard® SecureCode™

MasterCard® SecureCodeTM is an online security service to guard against unauthorized use of your debit card when you shop online with many participating merchants. There is no need to get a new card, no software to download, no cost and no hassles... just added security. Once enrolled in this service, you will have added confidence that MasterCard® SecureCodeTM performs an extra authentication step to protect your debit card from unauthorized users online.

  • Click here to register your Bank of Advance debit card for a MasterCard® SecureCodeTM.
  • Shop online and pay with your enrolled debit card.
  • When you submit your order with a participating merchant, the MasterCard® SecureCodeTM box will automatically open on the merchant order form asking for your SecureCodeTM.
  • Enter your unique SecureCodeTM and within seconds, your identity is confirmed and your purchase is complete. This communication is between you and your card issuer. Your information is never shared with the merchant.


SHAZAM BOLT$ acts like a high-tech, early warning system that immediately alerts you to potentially fraudulent activity. You will automatically receive email alerts regarding your debit card purchases on your smartphone, tablet or home computer. With the help of SHAZAM® BOLT$, no one is better equipped to catch debit card fraud than you. After all, you know what you've purchased and can spot an unauthorized transaction instantly.

Customize your alert settings to notify you when purchases exceed a preset amount, transactions occur in a foreign country or your debit card number is used but your card is not present, such as telephone or internet purchases. You can also check your account balance information anytime, anywhere.

Register your Bank of Advance debit card at or visit the app store on your iPhone or Android phone to download the mobile app. Click on New Mobile Card User and follow the step-by-step instructions. After successfully registering your debit card, be sure to set up your alerts by clicking on Card Alert Settings (Alerts & Settings for app users). To be notified every time your debit card is used, put a check mark next to Transactions Over and set the transaction amount to $1. View the User Guide for more information.

If you receive a notification for a debit card transaction that you did not authorize, call us immedatiately at (573) 722-3517 or call SHAZAM® Card Services at (800) 383-8000 after hours.

Fraud Detection

To protect your account, Bank of Advance along with the SHAZAM® Falcon Fraud Manager, monitor your debit card transactions for potentially fraudulent activity. This may include a sudden change in location, unusually costly purchases, or any pattern associated with new fraud trends. If fraud is suspected, the bank or SHAZAM® Falcon will be calling to verify the purchase. A temporary block may be placed on your card if verification cannot be made. To assure your card is not blocked unnecessarily, please keep your phone numbers up to date.

If you are going to be traveling, please contact your local branch so we can make SHAZAM® Falcon Fraud Manager aware of your location.

ATM Locations

Bank of Advance ATM Locations

  • Bank of Advance – 105 E Gabriel, Advance, MO
  • Chaffee Banking Center – 102 E Yoakum, Chaffee, MO
  • Dexter Banking Center – 1428 W Business Hwy 60, Dexter, MO
  • Bowen Banking Center – 415 W 5th St, Bowen, IL

Free Network ATM Locations

Bank of Advance now has an agreement with First Missouri State Bank so that you may use your ATM/Debit Card without surcharge at three of their branch locations:

  • 2 S Mount Auburn Rd, Cape Girardeau, MO
  • 800 N Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau, MO
  • 1846 E Jackson Blvd, Jackson, MO

Bank of Advance also participates in the SHAZAM® Privileged Status ATM Network. You can use any ATM in this network without paying a surcharge. Click here to find a location near you.

ATM Usage Fees

Network ATM Free
Non-Network ATM $1.00 + the posted fee charged by the Non-Network ATM processor

ATM Safety

Approaching the ATM

  • Avoid dark or remote locations
  • Take another person with you if possible
  • Keep your doors locked and passenger window closed

Using the ATM

  • Block the view of others by cupping your hand over the keypad
  • Quickly remove your cash, receipt and card from the ATM
  • Pocket cash immediately

Preventing Debit Card Fraud

  • Memorize your PIN - DO NOT WRITE IT ON YOUR CARD
  • Do not tell anyone your PIN or account number
  • Do not loan your card to anyone
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately
  • NEVER give your PIN over the phone